All the complicated (and boring) money stuff, simplified

Getting swamped in numbers isn’t much fun for you, but accurate accounting and sound financial advice is essential if you want your business to thrive and become more profitable year on year.

EST’s Accounting team uses a mixture of brain power and the most efficient technology to help startups flourish, SMEs grow with purpose, and large and established businesses stay large and established, giving you the freedom to concentrate on the parts of the business you love the most.

We’re made up of a number of chartered certified accountants and chartered tax advisers based in Cardiff, and while we’re rubbish at skateboarding on one foot, horse-whispering, and playing the electric guitar while blindfolded, we make up for it by excelling at all of this.

The accounting services snapshot

  • Annual accounts – done for you, and always on time
  • Management accounts – know exactly where your company is in a snapshot
  • Bookkeeping – records kept all neat and tidy and easy to find inside Xero
  • Business structure and company formation – so you’re not paying more tax than you need to
  • Growing your business – with a generous dose of clear strategy
  • Acquisitions, mergers and management buyouts – the complicated parts made simple
  • Business valuations – when you’re ready to take on something else
  • VAT, PAYE, corporation and personal tax planning & management – pay the right amount at the right time
  • Payroll – run like clockwork using modern methods
  • Auto-enrolment – set up and manage the whole system

Make your numbers your unfair advantage

Handling your accounts & bookkeeping – quit throwing your calculator at the wall in frustration and let us get your books in order inside world-class software, Xero, deal with all the accounts on time, and give you accurate financial feedback you can use to your advantage

Giving genuinely useful business advice – accurate accounts aren’t useful unless you know what they mean for your business, so you’ll get clear, easy-to-understand advice from us that lets you see exactly how your business can become more profitable

Tax planning & management – tax is about more than paying what you owe, it’s about efficiency and planning, so we’ll ensure you never pay more than you need to again and stay on the right side of HMRC

Set yourself up for success

Making payroll run like clockwork – have us manage all the behind-the-scenes procedural aspects of payroll for you every month like clockwork so you can keep your staff happy without the stress (and fulfil your duties in line with the ever-changing legislation)

Managing auto-enrolment – we can set up your system and handle the implementation of it, so your employee enrolment is kept properly up to date (especially because our smart software can assess and auto-enrol employees into the correct pension scheme and let them access pension communications, payslips, and P60s directly through their phone or tablet)

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