A new generation of dedicated professional advisers

Your business is only interested in looking forward, and so is ours.

Professional services are about a lot more than inputting information to meet deadlines, complying with legislation, or minimising liabilities. We get that. Which is why we support businesses with a multi-disciplinary approach that covers accountancy, tax, HR, and commercial finance, all from our offices in Cardiff.

Rather than going down the traditional path and working with an accountant from one organisation, a tax adviser from another, a separate HR professional, and then a broker if and when you need one, you can work with EST Group and have it all done for you under one roof. Cost-efficient, time-efficient, and we’re really fun to do business with.

Plus, the majority of our work is done on a fixed-fee or retained basis. The full transparency gives you the freedom to grow your business and stick to what you enjoy.

Clear advice that adds (actual) value and encourages growth

You’re looking for a team that appreciates how your unique business works, what your unique numbers and environments mean, and can show you exactly how to grow and thrive. Because we have access to other professional advisers within our tight-knit group, we can add value to your business that other organisations simply can’t.

Better speed and communication

Never have the same conversation three times again. Once you become a client in one team, we’ll communicate with the other teams wherever necessary to get your problems solved. And if you need more than one service delivered, we’ll handle all of the cross-team communication.

A spirited group of people

From day one, we’ve had a vision of being the best place to work in Cardiff. Being part of the service industry, we understand that our team and the quality of service they provide is fundamental to our (and your) success. That’s why we hire the most qualified and experienced people – provided they know how to have fun every day!