Managing Employee Wellbeing Course

For HR Professionals, Line Managers, Team Leaders & Business Owners

In today’s fast-paced work environment, employees often feel overwhelmed and stressed, leading to burnout, decreased productivity, and absenteeism. The Managing Employee Wellbeing Course provides you with the knowledge and tools to create a Wellbeing Action Plan and Policy that addresses the root causes of these challenges. Join us to learn how to support your employees’ mental and physical health, increase their job satisfaction, and create a positive, productive workplace culture.

This one-day course covers the eight dimensions of workplace wellbeing, mental health, and resilience. Participants will learn about creating a wellbeing action plan and policy and how to support wellbeing in the workplace.

At A Glance:

  • 1 Day
  • Max 12 delegates
  • In-person course
  • Public open course or bespoke in-house booking options
  • £225 + VAT per delegate

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Managing Employee Wellbeing Course Content

What is workplace wellbeing?

Gain an understanding of what workplace wellbeing means and why it is important for individuals, teams, and organisations.

The 8 pillars of workplace wellbeing

Learn about the eight dimensions of workplace wellbeing, including physical, emotional, social, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual, and how to support each of them.

The impact on organisations of wellbeing not being managed

Explore the negative consequences of poor wellbeing in the workplace, including decreased productivity, increased staff turnover, and low employee engagement.

Employer duty of care

Understand the legal responsibilities of employers to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of their employees, including risk assessments, policies, and procedures.

Understanding stress in the workplace

Learn about the causes and effects of workplace stress, and discover strategies for identifying and managing stress in employees.

Workplace resilience

Build personal and organisational resilience, including understanding the characteristics of resilient people and strategies for developing resilience.

How HR can support wellbeing in the workplace

Explore the role of HR in promoting workplace wellbeing, including developing policies and practices that support employee wellbeing and mental health, and creating a culture of wellbeing.

The EST HR Advantage: How We Deliver an Employee Wellbeing Course

Practical and Comprehensive Course Content

Our Employee Wellbeing Course provides practical and comprehensive training on promoting employee wellbeing in the workplace, and includes case studies and scenarios, and opportunities for questions throughout.

CPD Certified Courses

Our courses are accredited by CPD, which means you will be able to use this certification to demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

Experienced HR Professionals

Our trainers are experienced HR professionals who are passionate about providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to create a healthy and supportive workplace culture that fosters wellbeing. 

Affordable & Convenient

We offer an affordable and flexible course that caters to your needs, with open in-person training options available at various venues, or bespoke in-house training tailored to your workplace. 


Take advantage of our special offers. EST HR Retainer clients can enjoy a 20% discount, while exclusive courses with a minimum of 8 delegates or a cost of £900 + VAT qualify for a 50% discount.

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